Hi, my name is Walter and I am a software engineer living in Chicago, IL. I finished my undergrad at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) earning a Bachelors of Science in Computer in the Spring of 2015. While there I was heavily involved in the UIC ACM chapter, holding officer positions for multiple years, and led a sysadmin themed meetup hosted by the chapter. I strongly support free open source software philosophies , have contributed code and documentation work to a few open source projects, and I am also package maintainer for several Arch Linux User Repository (AUR) packages.

I mainly will be using this blog as a platform to talk about my random interests and document the progress of the projects they inspire. Ideally this will also be helping me actually make consistent progress on my ever growing pile of project ideas and half (if even) finished efforts. Project posts will probably take the form of write ups close to or at the end of a project. You probably shouldn't expect the best quality from my writing efforts :/

If I haven't been posting, that probably means you can probably find me on Steam or the like playing video games and hopefully not taking a break excessively. Alternatively, I may just be outside messing around, biking, or enjoying my record collection.